The best esthetic therapy system in Korea

Beauty & Care

Clear Dermatology provides customized
treatment for each skin lesion
with 50 different latest types of high-quality laser.



  • Miradray, USA: hyperhidrosis, osmidrosis
  • Action abume (ACTION2, Kor): moles, blemish
  • HEEL LIGHT (2)
  • Airgent 2, Israel: elasticity, scar
  • Quanta Ruby, Italy: tattoo, blemish, spots


  • Contour V3, USA: obesity laser
  • SAFER, USA: hair transplantation laser
  • Bodytite, Israel: practora
  • Vital injector, Kor: mulgwang injection


  • Ventige USA: genesis
  • Fotona Qx-MAX,NA:YAG, Slovenia: blemish, spots, tattoo
  • PUVA, USA: psorias, vitiligo
  • Ruby, Italy: tattoo, blemish, spot
  • Eximer, USA: psorias, atopy, vitiligo
  • Apolo, USA: elasticity laser
  • Aqugent, Kor: mulgwang injection
  • EXCEL V, USA: spots, erythemia, blemish


  • Vbeam, USA: vascular laser
  • Intracel, Korea: fractional
  • Scalp care (nano system)
  • Ulthera, USA: elasticity laser
  • Fraxel Dual, USA: fine line, elasticity care
  • Opear Kor: elasticity laser
  • XLulight laser, LED skin regeneration, acne, burn care
  • EVA6 lipo suction


  • GentleMax, USA: hair removal, blemish laser
  • Smoothbeam, USA: acne laser
  • Cirooks CL-2000
  • Refine, USA: fractional introduction
  • Zemini laser, Israel introduction


  • Slimlift, Kor: liposuction laser
  • Isolaz, USA: acne laser
  • Beilis, USA: calf-reduction
  • Iclear, Italy: acne laser
  • Thermage NXT, USA: elasticity laser
  • Ultrapulse, USA: laser


  • Propraxionel (SCITON CO.USA) pore, fine line, scar treatment
  • Eximer XTRAC, PHOTOMEDEX, USA: psoriasis, vitiligo, hair loss treatment
  • Affirm multiplex, CYNOSURE CO. USA: pore, fine line, skin elasticity
  • Rezonax, USA: Skin tone, Winkles
  • Xena Fraxel II, (Fraxel Xena, USA) first in the district to introduce: acne scar, pore, fine line treatment
  • Refirm ST, Syneron CO. Israel: first in the district to introduce
  • PPX AESTHERA, Lumenis, USA: acne, erythema
  • C6 ND-YAG, Medlite USA: spots, blemishes, pigmentation, tattoo removal
  • Profile Ebium, SCITON CO. USA: scar treatment, moles, peeling laser
  • Sciton BBL(BROADBAND LIGHT, USA): laser pigment removal


  • Synergy multiplex (Cynergy multiplex, CYNOSURE Co. USA): vascular laser introduced (first in the district)


  • Waterjet (Germany) liposuction device introduced (first in Korea)
  • CO2 laser (Utech Co.) introduced
  • Duolight (USA) laser introduced for psoriasis, vitiligo (first in the district)
  • Laser shaper (obesity laser) introduced
  • Lumenis one, Diode hair removal, LUMENIS USA laser introduced (first in Korea)


  • VLS for vascular leak syndrome, (VLS dyelaser, USA) introduced
  • Engrafted Tattoo and NC-intelligence onto dermatology
  • Tnhermage (LUMENIS Co. USA), introduced laser for fine line care (first in the district)
  • Upgraded Sonoeraser 3000 and HE-NE laser


  • Equipped with IPL&DL, began treatments for dark circles and capillary care (first in the district)
  • Purchased liposet (Germany): liposuction and sweat suction
  • Diode (USA), hair remover (epilation laser) introduced
  • Timed (Italy) high frequency surgical device introduced (first in the district)
  • Purchased obesity measure and care (mid, high, ultra-frequency) for professional obesity care.


  • Diamond peeling, Sonoeraser 2000, Skin measurer introduced
  • Abumyag(MEDILAS-E, Germany) moles, blemish, scar treatments (refer to mole, blemish, scare care(first in the district)
  • IPL Quantum (USA) blemish, capillary care (first in the district)
  • N-BAND UVB : UV for hands, feet, whole body, psoriasis, vitiligo
  • Longpulsed ND-YAG hair removal laser introduced


  • Woonamdong Clear Dermatology Clinic opened
  • Q-SWITCH ND-YAG(medlite)
  • Sharplan (CO2, USA)
  • Major facilities for HE-NE, PUVA light therapy, Hair transplantation