The best esthetic therapy system in Korea

Beauty & Care

Clear Dermatology provides customized
treatment for each skin lesion
with 50 different latest types of high-quality laser.

Lifting, Antiaging Clinic

  • State-of-the-art elasticity and wrinkle care laser used for drooping skin, fine lines, skin aging, loose neck and belly, including collagen production for wrinkle care and lifting effects.
  • Clear Dermatology’s elasticity wrinkle care clinic treatments are painless and minimizes skin irritation.

ThermaCool NXT,

The world’s first high-frequency energy, the latest wrinkle treatment systems with highly effective as a single treatment can be seen.

  • Short procedure time
  • treatment effect
  • customized treatment

New Thermage – New NXT Thermage tip mounted on the high-frequency side of the column area, the epidermis gets to be more close-up for the procedure site, and can get the visible effects more quickly. In addition, the tip can be used for the face, around the eyes, lip line wrinkles, body parts, anywhere the patient wishes to get the appropriate treatment.

What is Thermacool CTP?

Scar-free after treatment, a single procedure will remain in effect for more than one year will continue to produce collagen. U.S. FDA approved. KFDA approved. This is a safe procedure.

·Surgery time and recovery time : 1 hour/ No downtime, activity possible right after the surgery
·Effect period : 3 months

Thermacool CTP Mechanism

High-frequency reaches deep into the skin by using the powerful open aging lifting effect by inducing the formation of collagen and sagging skin, improves the appearance of fine lines.

Major area

Increase skin elasticity, improve sagging facial skin. Eyes and wrinkles




After 2 months