The best esthetic therapy system in Korea

Beauty & Care

Clear Dermatology provides customized
treatment for each skin lesion
with 50 different latest types of high-quality laser.

A good impression! A happy life!

  • Beautys Malgen Dermatology is equipped with state-of-the-art laser and professional skin care technology, providing professional treatments for various skin diseases.
  • Dr.Sam is a dermatologist, and is currently operating anti-aging elasticity treatment and hair transplant research center.
  • Three other dermatologists are treating patients with Dr.Sam
Information on esthetic treatments and medical care
  • Blemish, freckles, age spots, moles, warts
  • Hemangioma, capillary disorder, facial flushing
  • Facial contouring: botox, filler, dermotoxin
  • Facial tension: lifting/hair removal
  • Acne care, Acne laser treatment
  • Hair transplant: SAFER laser hair transplantation, scalp care
  • Obsity: neoultra, fat transplantation, liposuction
  • Double eyelid surgery, calf reduction
  • Hyperhidrosis, osmidrosis: surgery, botox procedure
  • Vitili go: Excimer laser, intense pulsed light
  • Atopy: Excimer, rays, immunotherapy
Treatment philosophy

Patient-centered hospital

  • Higher level of skin care and treatments including cosmetic and postpartum skin care are provided in One Stop-Service.

Ever-studying hospital

  • Treatment environment has been established through endless research activities and introduction of certified surgical equipment and methods.

Proven high-quality laser (30 types)

  • 30 kinds of latest lasers are equipped. Only the certified and confirmed devices and equipment are introduced.

1:1 personal consultation

  • Each patient gets personalized 1:1 consultation, focusing on building confidence on the natural skin.

Elegant and comfortable clinical environment

  • Customers can meet friendly medical professionals in elegant and cozy atmosphere, and the medical professionals are trying to make the environment pleasant and comfortable with pride.