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Non-surgical and short treatment

Miradry is approved by FDA, and treat Axillary hyperhidrosis and bromhidrosis simultaneously by simple laser treatment without surgical operation

·Treatment time and recovery time:1 hour

·Oneset time : immediately(Sweat begins to reduce and keeps reducing for 1 month after treatment. Average sweat reduction rate is 85%. Destroyed sweat glands will never revive.

miraDry advantages
  1. 1Removing sweat glands producing excessive sweat and causing odor
  2. 2Immediately back to daily life with no downtime
  3. 3Immediate and constant efficacy
  4. 4Non-surgical treatment
  5. 5Short Treatment (60 minutes)
  6. 6Semipermanent effect by one treatment
Treatment Step
  • Step 1 Sweat glands are distributed on the interface between the dermis and the fat layer. Microwave pressure forms negative pressure in the hand piece, and this borderline is irradiated with energy.

  • Step 2 Two different organs have reflex reaction from the Microwave, and the energy delivered to the skin causes vibration of water molecule inside the skin, and an energy-intensive are is generated by the heat of 55-60 degrees, then the sweat glands are destroyed, which is effective for hyperhidrosis.

  • Step 3 Microwave is irradiated, then subsequent cooling to protect the skin from the heat is followed (epidermis and dermis), thus can be treated without damage and scarring. The sweat glands that are destroyed cannot be generated again, thus the treatment effects and lasting power are excellent.

The change by miraDry
  • Before surgery

    The interface between
    the dermis andfat layer shows
    a lot of eccrine sweat glands.
  • After 11 days

    Sweat gland cell loss in the
    nucleus and cell necrosis
    (destruction of sweat glands)
  • After 6 months

    No eccrine sweat glands
    are found at the interface between
    the dermis and fat layer.