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Clear Dermatology provides customized
treatment for each skin lesion
with 50 different latest types of high-quality laser.

Melasma Clinic

  • Concerns about your spots! The skin is revived into bright and clear skin with professional laser for melasma.
  • Spots, blemishes, age spots, pigmentation are effectively removed, and is safe for vascular diseases without recurrence.

Spots, redness, pigmentation, vascular therapy, as well as a perfect skin tone, elasticity, and skin texture improved

·Surgery time and recovery time : 1 hour / 7 days
·Effective period : 7 days

What is Excel V?

A new concept of blemish treatment specialized laser developed in Cutera, USA.Three different modes: Long Pulse ND Yag, Genesis microseconds ND Yag, KTP lasers with different wavelengths can be used to remove imperfections, blemishes, complex skin problems of redness/ elastic lifting

  • Vascular therapy
    facial flushing, telangiectasia,
    difficult vascular disease
  • Pigment treatment
    Blemishes, age spots,
    otaspots, selective treatment of pigmented lesions
  • Toning
    Sports, freckles,
    pigmentation disorders and improve dull face
  • Hair removal
    Arms, legs, underarms,
    bikini line, custom hair removal
  • Lifting
    Anti-wrinkle, skin elasticity and
    improve skin texture
Major Area

Sports. Freckles, blemishes, age spots, pigmentation disorders, vascular disease, skin tone improvement, wrinkles, elasticity, hair removal

Before (spots)

After 2nd treatment

Before (pigmentation)

After 3rd treatment

Before (spots)

After 1 treatment

Before (black warts)

After 2nd treatment