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Double eyelid

Scar-free, naturally beautiful double lid, fast recovery, various situation-suited surgical methods

Single knot continuous method

A surgical method that complemented investing method: using one suture knot to make continuous stitches to form double eyelid along the line of double eyelid. This can be used for the eyes with thick fat layer by making a small incision of 3mm in size to remove the fat and make double eyelid using the continuous investing method.
(Composite or partial incision method)

Investing method

Without skin incision, the line is fixed non-invasively. Swelling is recovered within 2-3 days after the procedure, the eyes look natural, and normal daily life if possible with fast recovery. In case the skin creases are loose, the excessive skin can be removed and the crease can be flattened so that the eyelid looks thin and long.

Partial incision

A surgical method using only the advantages of incision and investing method: can be used for the eyes with thick fat layer, natural and thin double eyelid can be created with the smallest surgical mark.
(Composite or partial incision method)

Lateral canthotomy

Makes the eyes horizontally longer: making them look 2-3mm bigger.
(Composite or partial incision method)

Under double eyelid

The lower part of the eyelash area is made to look prominent so that the person looks younger and lively. The skin tissue called aloderm is translanted by making a minute incision of 2-3mm in size, and the stitches are removed after 3 days. Swelling is receded fast, and the patient can go back to normal life pattern fast.

Ptosis correction

Ptosis is a disease in which the muscles to life up the eyelids are not functioning, and thus the eyes are not well opened: this system can be either congenital or acquired. Double eyelid surgery can correct ptosis and recover the vision and balance in the eyes.
(Composite or partial incision method)

Dark circles and lower wrinkle removal

For dark circles, lower eye fat removal or lower eyelid surgery are used for treatment. Lower eyelid surgery makes a horizontal incision below the eyelash area, pulls up the skin and remove the excessive part, then sutures the area. Fat removal from the lower eye makes the eyelid thin since the fat is removed from the inner part of the eyelid: scar and swelling disappear quickly, daily life is possible.