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Dermo toxin improves wrinkle and skin elasticity

What is Dermotoxin ?

Dermotoxin is a word made up of “Dermo” which means ‘skin’, and ‘toxin’ which refers to botulinum toxin. New Botox treatments can improve the skin layer without muscle paralysis; skin elasticity, square jaw reduction, improved appearance of fine lines and other effects can be expected.

·Surgery time and recovery time : 10 min/ no downtime, activity possible right after the surgery
·Effective period : 1 week

Effect of Dermotoxin
  • Effective for wrinkles of the entire face
  • effective for whitening, moisturizing
  • Resilient skin
  • pores shrink
Major area

Jaw line, neck wrinkles, elasticity of the eye, overall face lacking elasticity

Before (jaw line)

After (1 month after treatment)

Before (eyelid reduction)

After 5 weeks

Before (facial contour)

After 3 months

Before (nose surgery)

After 1 month