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Clear Dermatology provides customized
treatment for each skin lesion
with 50 different latest types of high-quality laser.

Melasma Clinic

  • Concerns about your spots! The skin is revived into bright and clear skin with professional laser for melasma.
  • Spots, blemishes, age spots, pigmentation are effectively removed, and is safe for vascular diseases without recurrence.

A newly developed laser treatment, developed by Lumeni, the first to develop IPL.

What is Lumenis One?

Lumenis One is a laser equipment that improved the drawbacks of existing IPL, taking a long treatment time.The procedure uses different wavelengths of light to treat freckles, blemishes, spots, facial Flushing, various kinds of lesions, according to the lesion depth, lesion size, and the state of the skin to maximize the effects and thus have fewer side effects.

·Surgery time and recovery time:1 hour/ time 7 days
·Effective period : 7 days

Major area

Pigment disorders – Freckles, Millet, Blemishes, Age spots, Hair removal Vascular disease – Facial flusing, Hemangioma, Nevus flammeus, Varicose

Before (Melasma/Freckles)

After 3rd treatment

Before (Freckles)

After 1 treatment

Before (Vascular expansion and freckles)

After 3rd treatment

Before (Photoaging and age spots)

After 2nd treatment