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Melasma Clinic

  • Concerns about your spots! The skin is revived into bright and clear skin with professional laser for melasma.
  • Spots, blemishes, age spots, pigmentation are effectively removed, and is safe for vascular diseases without recurrence.

Ruby laser is effective for pigment treatment; superior healing, pigmented spots, vascular signs

What is Ruby?

Ruby laser has higher melanin absorption compared to the wavelengths of other laser devices, reacts to many pigments, thus has great effects in treating multi tattoo or pigments

·Surgery time and recovery time : 1 hour/ time 7 days
·Effective period :
7 days

Ruby’s mechanism

Ruby laser has a wavelength of 694nm, has a very high absorption rate of melanin, the skin epidermis, melanin pigment in the deep layer can be selectively destroyed, and has less damage to the surrounding blood vessels and normal cells. Short laser irradiation minimizes the damage of the skin.

Major area

Spots, freckles, whitening, semi-permanent makeup and tattoo removal, treatment of various pigments

Before (Sunlight melisma)

2 months after the procedure

Before (Geriatric melisma – hand)

2 months after surgery

Before (Dorsal hand tattoos)


Before (Foreign tattoos)

After 1 treatment

Before (Otanevus)

After 4 procedures

Before (milk-coffee colored)

After 4 procedures